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Web 3.0?

In very general terms, Web 3.0 is a movement from what we have today (Web 2.0) to a decentralized blockchain approach to the internet. We asked ourselves, and are still trying to see, where blockchain makes sense for F3TCH. There is an appeal to more secure transactions and the safeguarding of user data. The debate over Web 3.0 and its real-world applications is important right now, but one clear sign it may have some real weight is what the programmers are doing. According to this Fast Company article, programmers seem to be moving towards Web 3.0 work and away from the prestigious FAANG "badges" or work. FAANG stands for Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

These trends are important for us to follow. Most folks do not realize that a mobile app, again in very general terms, is truly just a personal web page developed to have limited functionality on a mobile device. It follows that if the world goes to Web 3.0, the way mobile apps work may need adjustment.

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