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Venture Connect 2022!

Tomorrow is a big day for the entrepreneurs, investors, and supporters in the region. Venture Connect 2022 (sold out) is back to an in-person format and there is pent-up energy making the event seem bigger. You can almost feel it, even from out here in Wilmington. There is a new venue (Cisco Systems Campus) right smack between Raleigh and Durham. Reminds me of my trip to the Cisco mothership in San Jose (back in 2000) to see if they wanted to buy TeleMatrix.

The emails and registration announcements started coming in last night/ today, the conference app was opened, and the buzz is building. Leaving tonight to ease the travel and worry. Working odd hours today to make sure I get my run and exercise in to get the endorphins going.

Tomorrow, we split up as a team. I will be on a very relaxed schedule. Pending to see if I have a meeting with a potential client in the morning, otherwise doing a 5-mile run with some burpees, etc., working and practicing the pitch in peace. I only have one job tomorrow- don’t screw up.

On the other side of things, Jaime heads into the conference late morning to meet and greet and then participate in the luncheon. She’s’ good like that.

I keep thinking of the Eminem song "Lose Yourself"… wish us luck.

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