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The Motley Crew

F3TCH started as a family thing, proposed as an idea at the dinner table. I know, how quaint right? Since then, my family is down to myself and my youngest son Peter (great kid by the way, really kind, smart and tough). We also have my awesome business partner and long time friend Jaime (I am contractually bound to always use the word awesome when I mention Jaime). All kidding aside, Jaime and I have worked together for almost 20 years. Just to give you some scope, Jaime used to watch over Peter when he was a few months old at our old place of employment, he graduates high school in May. I cannot tell you how much we have been through, how many battles, tragedies, successes, internal battles, mergers, acquisitions, myopic paranoid delusional bosses, etc. She is one of the very best people I know. We also have two pretty incredible dudes in Bill Oates (ex CIO of Starwood, CIO for the City of Boston, and CIO for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts) and Charlie Field (PAETEC/ Windstream senior executive and all around rock star and super nice guy) that serve on our board. Our development team is solid and we work with great attorneys at Stoel RIVES. A small but very capable team, in my opinion. Jaime and I are a little older now (ok in my case a lot older), but here are some pics.

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