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Post Coronavirus Era for Hotels? An insight from Travel Pulse.

At F3TCH, we expect a lot of changes in the hospitality industry. As with anything that looks to the future, some of those changes are more apparent than others, but we do believe that the industry has to develop, adopt and change the way it ensures guest safety. Those changes are underway and we do hope they get good advertising and promotion to get that information to future guests. The goal is to reopen with better health safety and to ensures guests once again have confidence in this great industry.

Our opinion is that guest confidence in a clean & safe room will be the key to a successful recovery and, as such it, will be a top priority for hotels and vendors over the next few years. In other words, a hotel being open will be less important than a hotel being perceived as safe. Hotels that adopt and execute a sanitation policy with CVOID-19 in mind will be the winners of a future recovery.

Last week we tweeted a great article on Marriott and their efforts, this week we found a compelling article in TravelPulse that provided some insight as to what the near term could look like from the point of view of a major NYC hotel.

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