The word playground brings many fond memories. Goofing off, tetherball, the merry-go-round, and even the Presidential Physical Fitness test (yes, I loved the 600-yard dash). It is so interesting to me that somewhere along the way, tech applied that word so appropriately.

I mention this because we should have F3TCH’s playground/ sandbox ready soon. There is something about the notion of having a “Playground” for the product that seems to have us reach a point of being “more real”. More “producty”. And it is true, you don’t need a Playground, or Sandbox, if you are not working on new features, etc.

And while that is all very mature, to me that means I can literally play with things and not break the product that is out there. Let the rampage begin! This may seem a bit strange, but this digital playground is as exhilarating to me today as hanging on for dear life on that merry-go-round was back in the 5th grade.

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