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As a start up, we often wonder what we would do once we become successful, perhaps sold the company etc. I believe all entrepreneurs think about the next stage “after this business”. Funny enough, personally, I would love to set up a “Tiny Forest” company that focuses on establishing small wooded areas all over Colorado Springs and then expand to other cities.

We are not talking about big spaces, just spaces that could support local plant life. Leftover space in developments, edges around golf courses and schools. I started thinking about this when I read and article about how many birds are killed each year in the US alone. It is a staggering number. We have had a bird feeder at the house and feed both the birds and the squirrels on a very consistent basis and over the years have begun to truly appreciate wildlife. We also get raccoons at night, eating the spilled seeds of the day (feeders get put away at night). It’s incredible to see the variety and how they survive.

Thinking about that, it surprises me that there are so many laws against feeding animals. I get it, feeding bears is not good for anyone, but as we take habitat, how a can wildlife survive? It’s not like the squirrels are going to dial up for pizza delivery anytime soon. So we have laws against feeding animals, and some of those make sense, but we also do not anything to help replace these animals’ food sources.

If we ever got some real cash from F3TCH, either profits, or selling the business, I think I’d like to focus on this issue. Use technology to place green areas around cities with local trees that not only help add green space, but potentially food sources as well for wildlife. For example black eyed Susan’s and crab apple trees could provide shelter and be a great food source for many species. I think that more trees, even in smaller spaces, would be a real positive movement that would yield a lot of social benefits for the residents- both humans and the wild!

Thankfully there are some great new tools that can help with that mission when the time arrives. Here is an article on a new drone that plants seeds incredibly quickly. This kind of tool would make planting easier, faster and more cost effective. The video is really interesting.

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