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Our First Update!

I know that startups and their founders have a special relationship. We all know it is a business and one needs to always keep that in mind, but for a founder that start-up is also a little bit like their child. You put so much effort, time, and resources that one cannot help but think of it as a family member. We are at that great “age” for the company, a lot of firsts. Today we have our first APP update. Not a big deal, but as I updated my APPs on my iPhone, there it was, F3TCH needed its first update. Android is in process.

What people often do not realize is how hard it is to get on the APP store. Apple does a great job of scrutinizing the apps etc. Ditto for updates. You go through an intense process and the review can take a few days before you are moved to “update” mode. So while technically it may not seem like much, getting this done Is a big step. One we have to repeat often and with every major change to either the iOS or Android platforms.

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