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New Year’s Resolution- Be Unafraid

As the year ended and this new year began, one of the goals we set at F3TCH was to begin engaging our social circles into our process. We dabble in putting information out, but this year we are going to invite you to join us on this journey. Part of why I have been hesitant before is a very human reason- we love what we do, but we could fall flat on our face and have an epic fail. So one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to be unafraid, to simply be, and try, and if it fails well so be it. We’ll post quite a bit this first calendar week to get the background in place and then try to go once a week. Our mission at F3TCH is to change the way hotels and guest communicate by migrating the outdated system today, to the guest’s own smart device, and by so doing, become the predominant player in this space globally. We are F3TCH, and this is our story.

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