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Look it Up!

As you know from previous posts, we have undertaken a process to continue learning. There are a lot of free resources and platforms that make this easier today than any other time in history. As we have done this, including just completing a Kaufmann Fellows/ Techstars course (excellent by the way), we have found a “hack” we wanted to share. A “hack” may be overstating it as it implies a shortcut. This definitely takes longer so it is most assuredly not a shortcut, but even over a short period of time, it has proven to be incredibly useful. Here it is: “Look it up”. As you read, take a course, or watch videos whatever you see that you do not know or understand- Look It Up. I keep a list of Things I Do Not Know on Evernote. As for your list, you can use whatever you want including a notebook, so long as you keep it handy and attack this list as often as you can. The internet makes learning very easy nowadays.

One last piece of advice- just because it is on the internet does not make it true! Encyclopedia Britannica (for English speakers) is a trusted source- vetted data- and is not expensive (less than $20 / year). Ditto for online dictionaries. Please make sure that you vet your data so that your learning is sound. If you do this you can count on a few things: (1) Your list will not get shorter, it will get longer, (2) as you remove items from your list, new avenues of inquiry will become inevitable, and (3) you will be much much smarter as a result. It’s literally free! You have nothing to lose and this time is an investment, not a cost. Try it. Please let me know if this helps you

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