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Lessons for Entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur Magzine)

We are working on so much right now, but nothing is more important than the team. For us, our team is the key to success. The team’s interactions, and the individuals who are its components, drive culture. The F3TCH tribe if you will (we need a catchy nickname).

F3TCH’s product is set, the vision is in place. We know what and how, but it will be the culture that will give the product its final look and feel. That hard to define “User Interface”. In my opinion, product (that includes support & service) is an extension of the culture we weave. There are so many variations and combinations: arrogant or humble, grateful or arrogant, creative or rigid? Getting this right is more art than science. This is what makes business fun.

We saw this article and found good relevant value in it. Enjoy.

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