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Kodawari is an ancient concept. In our society (USA) we see the echo of this in folks like Tony Robbins. A popular example is two tractors, one going in a straight line (your current path) and the other being deviated just one degree each day (showing where you want to be). This simple example clearly shows the audience that even a small change each day can work wonders over time. This is the essence of the term Kodawari, but the Japanese mean so much more by it.

The good news is that if you are an entrepreneur, you practice Kodawari, or a form of it, every day. We iterate, pivot, and adapt all the time. We do this to improve, to better serve our customers, enhance the customer experience, and gain market share. We work so hard to improve. Even one inch of progress is progress, right? And over time? Yes, over time each bit of growth, work, and effort tends to lead you to where you want to go.

Creation is hard and when you start a company, you are creating. It is not art, per se, but it is a creation and like any creative process it takes a lot of effort and work. Your idea and reality are more connected and “real” than you may believe. It’s alive since you conceived it, but to make it a reality is where that effort and grit come into play. Like Schrödinger’s cat, you may have to observe the concept and work it to make it a reality and if you are going to observe it you may as well apply Kodawari.

At F3TCH, we are keeping at it and working to improve even a tiny amount each day- be that forward progress, a task accomplished, or a goal met. We look forward to continuing our journey.

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