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High Fashion & Privacy

I read a few interesting articles- one on DeepFace (Facebook’s face recognition program) and one on an art project that uses jewelry to foil face recognition. An older article in the Huffington Post (updated in December of 2017) reported that DeepFace recognized the same face from two different photographs with a 97.25% accuracy. How good is that? Humans score 97.53% accuracy, so really “good” and that was as of two years ago. I would propose that humans evolve slower than Facebook, so it would not surprise me if DeepFace is now better than we are at recognizing the same face in photographs. By the way, this is how you get “tagged” on Facebook. Interestingly there are “low tech” projects to foil face recognition, which reminded me of the weird styles of dress in some sci-fi movies like Hunger Games. It is truly getting weird out there and it may be that the next big fashion trend is how to fool cameras and provide you with privacy while looking marvelous. We are a weird species sometimes.

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