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Connecting the Dots!

Markets fascinate me, they always have. Part of the reason to go to HITEC was to “see” the dots. My use of the word “dots” is not meant to dehumanize people. In fact, “dots” are people or companies, and they have relationships that are mathematical and logical. They do business with their partners, and they have a customer base that literally is tied to their likes and dislikes. The more data we can gather, the easier the mapping.

At HITEC we started to update our industry knowledge and started to build that relationship map of who is related to who, why are they related, and how. We are very fortunate to have had a lot of success in this industry, we figured out the dots a long time ago. There are new people, new technologies, new companies, changes to the industry, and new leverage points, but having the lay of the land before and now recreating that map is easier the third time around.

This week has been incredible with regard to this work. We have had great calls with various people who have helped us better understand the new players, their roles, and their “fit”. With that data, our mapping is much better today than one week ago and more than one month ago.

Our targeting is very specific. While we will play with the brands soon, the target today is the maverick. There are individuals in this industry that see the market, not just their company. They are risk takers and early adopters. Our objective is to engage these influencers and executives to help us bring the future we have envisioned to fruition.

Even though we have commitments, we have now entered our industry-wide pre-sales stage. This includes, in part, the building of our dealer network, engaging overseas partners, and the agent program. This foundation will be built very specifically around the map we have created. Of course, as more data is gathered, we will adjust our mapping and adjust our approach. This is an incredibly fun period, to be honest.

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