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As many founders know, the early days of a company are intertwined and almost inseparable from the personality of the founders. This is perfectly understandable conspiring the small staff, usually just the founders, at the onset and the very personal nature of starting a business. That changes over time and as the company grows, but even then, so long as the founders are involved and in a management role, that persona tends to stick. That is true for us as well and it’s an interesting dynamic as Jaime is more private in her outreach than I am, but it works for us.

Next year is going to be crucial. This applies both personally, with Spartan races scheduled throughout, and F3TCH finally launching. As this year draws to an end (finally), and we kick into planning and setting goals for next year, I was looking for one word that could describe what we need to be to be successful. Interestingly I see both the Spartan races, grueling trail / mud runs combining long distance racing with a variety of “obstacles” throughout, and launching F3TCH, a tech start up, as one and the same type of activity needing the same set of skills. Both require perseverance, owning the pain, facing the unknown, and testing your limits to their full extent.

After much consideration, the word that will be our focus point for next year is: RELENTLESS.

That is what it’s going to take for both a grueling long distance event and getting this start-up moving from an idea to a business. We like it and we’re putting it up now to get us ready for the work ahead with its successes and challenges.

What’s your word for 2021?

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