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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

As a start-up, we often apply for a variety of opportunities. These come in the form of accelerators, pitch contests, other assistance, etc. Some months ago, we were doing research on an organization that may be able to help us. It has been some time since we applied to this particular opportunity, so I honestly cannot tell you how, or what our search parameters were, but we applied to something called Plug and Play. That done we promptly forgot all about it, after all it was a “do not call us, we will call you” scenario.

This week we were notified that we have been accepted by Plug and Play into their ecosystem. This gives F3TCH access to the hundreds of venture capital firms and universities. More importantly, this ecosystem is also full of massive corporations, some of them in the travel industry including some of the biggest hotel brands. In short, they have tens of thousands of startups around the world and corporate sponsors/ clients looking for innovation for their own use. Hopefully this is yet another avenue that can get us into a beta trial with a major hotel brand sooner.

As we complete the platform process and get our first call underway with the Plug and Play team, we are amazed at how innovative and diverse the start up system truly is. We are very curious as to what these folks are all about and are excited about the possibilities for F3TCH and for the industry. Like anything, being allowed in is a great privilege, but it also means a lot of work and dedication on our part. Nothing is great unless you put the effort into it.

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