One of our goals this year is to apply for grants at the state and national levels. We are at a good place in the development of F3TCH and very close to testing. So why not? If not us, who? Furthermore, grants are something that we believe will be excellent for our stakeholders. It should also be good for our local partners as we do a lot of outsourcing with local firms.

Now that this is done, we can move forward. The way I see it is that if we get it- awesome! If we do not, we know we put in a good effort and actually applied rather than wish we had and let it slide. Huge difference between doing and dreaming.

I am also amazed at how long this took. I spent the better part of a week writing, editing, reading, starting over, writing… As a matter of fact, I looked at my “prep” Word document for this application, and it is all of 15 pages at 12 Font of writing! A lot was repurposed from our business plan- yes, we have one.

Now we can focus on the fun stuff like product development, early adopters, and customer service platforms! Way more fun than grant applications for sure. All joking aside, the folks at NC Idea do a great job in supporting us here in North Carolina, thank you.

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