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iPad Pro

About a year ago we decided to experiment with an iPad Pro. My old MacBook, which still works fine, was getting, well old. As in my OS was not being supported anymore and most new builds were not compatible as a result. It really is not bad service from the industry, the machine is now 10 years old. We’re cheap, what can I say?

Why? Well, the iPad Pro is much smaller, easier to carry around and is awesome. Do I love MS Office on it? Not as much as on a laptop, but it has been good. I have had some issues on Zoom- can’t screen share without a workaround, and our accelerator site won’t load or allow me access on it even in “desktop” mode. Superhuman also denied me because I only have an iPad, which has been the biggest disappointment thus far. But overall? Good move. Less expensive, super fast and very versatile. Plus there is something a-la Tony Stark of just having an iPad,, like you’re super cool and don’t need a laptop, to solve huge problems.

Found this great article on how to maximize efficiency on the iPad, so of course I read it and loved it. I have now printed it and will go through it with a fine tooth comb (24 suggestions). Looking forward to even more reasons to stay on my iPad.

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