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IFTTT (If This Then That)

I was reading through some articles and ran into this one by Wonder Tools reprinted by Fast Company. IFTTT is a great tool and we do use it for some automation we have in place. We also use Zapier, and the automation offered really is useful in tying in workflows from different applications.

One very funny IFTTT is listed in the article where you can program your phone to call yourself to get you out of an awkward situation. I suppose that is good for boring meetings or blind dates! No need to depend on a friend to bail you out. Pretty smart.

Having said that, we need to dive into where we are using it and Zapier. Good exercise and we also do need to see what more we can do, and want to do, to help us automate some tasks/ functions. We also need to document it! Not useful to have automation if you forget what and where you automated.

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