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F3TCH Joins the Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA) Program

F3TCH’s inter-operability efforts are well underway. We have a lot of applications and serious work to do, but it all starts by becoming developer partners for the hotel systems we use for F3TCH. Mitel is a significant player worldwide in the hotel industry in terms of market share and the decades it has served the industry. F3TCH’s application to the Mitel Solutions Alliance was accepted and we look forward to increasing the level of development we have with Mitel.

The Mitel Solutions Alliance (MSA) is a comprehensive program enabling a wide range of third-party partners (3PPs) to successfully create products and services that integrate and/or interoperate with Mitel’s core business communications portfolio. It also aids in creating awareness of these products and services among Mitel retail channel sales partners and end customers. Please click here for more information on Mitel.

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