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F3TCH Blog 2.0

As we continue to push forward and finish our V1.0 of F3TCH, we have begun to prepare our internal systems for the expected onboarding of hotels. That has been an exciting and productive exercise. Working through the onboarding process for guests and hotels alike, as well as ensuring we can capture product feedback, improvements, and suggestions in a way that automates and maximizes technology as much as possible has been a great learning process. We are fortunate to have real world expertise at a scaled level, so the processes are not new, but the tools we can now use, the technology, the diversity, and the integrations have been truly fascinating to explore and research.

As we begin beta testing and product launch, our blog will change a bit. As a founder, and the “talkative” one, the blog has reflected some personal “flavor”. The early days of any company are most definitely an extension of the founders’ personalities. We have seen some articles and start up blogs that argue against that, but that’s just poppycock (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a real sentence correctly, check!).

While there will still be plenty of “personality” in the blog, we will be focusing more on technology in general and will try to have at least two posts per month on hotel technology specifically. This is not as easy as it sounds, hotel technology is not exactly a hot bed for R&D and new tech. In fact, one could argue that hotels are definitely laggards in technology, but that’s for good reason too.

We have also moved our website and blog to a more interactive platform and can have folks subscribe to the blog (and would love for you to do so). This will help us have comments, track feedback, and engage more fully with people interested in this topic.

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