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Details, It's All in the Details

HITEC 2022 in Orlando was a ton of fun. It was so good to see so many people we knew. We got to see our Board Member “Hall of Fame” Bill Oates on the big board and got to spend some time with our other Boston-based Board member, Charlie Field. Thank you, Charlie, for getting us out there! You were right, we needed to get out of the “bat cave".

Now to the hard work which is making some sales out of the event. We have a lot of opportunities and the name of the game, as it has always been, is follow-up. Thank You cards were mailed, yes by USPS, as in real OG. We have identified ways to move forward and now it is time to execute those strategies, keep doing what works, and iterate what does not.

This is going to be an exciting stretch. This reminds me of a book I read by Grant Cardone- one of his best sellers, 10X. In it, he says (paraphrasing) that “even a product that has a much better price/ value, even free, and has much better advantages than the existing product, will still require 10X effort”. It sounds strange when you know you have a better mousetrap, but Mr. Cardone is right. We still must sell it (F3TCH). We must educate the market, educate the influencers, sell the vision, and educate some more. There are no shortcuts, but at least this is concrete, we can get a yes, no, or maybe later and build on the conversions and work on the market in a very analytical manner. We know where to start and who to speak with and we may even have some goodwill going for us. We will take all of that and work hard. There is no substitute for good old hustle, we are hungry.

We have done exactly this a few times already, just looking to get it done one more time.

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