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Revolutionizing the Industry: F3TCH Transforms Guest Communications with High ROI Tech Solutions

F3TCH is leading the industry with its innovative mobile solution, delivering a remarkable potential return on investment (ROI). Our primary objective is to tackle one of the most significant pain points in the industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology. By doing so, we empower hotels to boost revenue, streamline processes, enhance the guest experience, and optimize operational efficiency.

At F3TCH, we are on the brink of reshaping the guest communications by providing hotels with a cost-effective solution that surpasses expectations and delivers tangible results. We offer properties a contemporary iteration of their guest communication tools, allowing F3TCH-enabled establishments to seamlessly enhance revenue and future-proof themselves against emerging technologies. With our exceptional scalability and potential for ROI, we are an absolute must-consider for investors seeking groundbreaking technology solutions."

From Pain Points to Solutions: 
How F3TCH Addresses Pressing Guest Communications Problems in the Hotel Industry


Introducing F3TCH, a groundbreaking startup that offers innovative solutions to address pressing challenges in the hotel industry. We understand the importance of streamlining guest experiences and have developed a cutting-edge platform to solve a common pain point.

Imagine your hotel has guests relaxing by the pool, and you want to ensure they can effortlessly order food and drinks as well as access other services and amenities.


With F3TCH, guests can simply open our user-friendly app on their mobile devices and find the dedicated room service icon on the digital faceplate designed specifically for your hotel.  By tapping the icon, they are seamlessly connected to the room service department through voice or text communication. Our mobile application seamlessly integrates with your hotel's existing systems, allowing your property management software to automatically recognize the guest's presence and link it to their folio. This enables your hotel staff to provide your guests prompt and impeccable service.  F3TCH allows the hotel to easily process orders using the credit card on file, significantly simplifying the ordering process for both guests and staff members.


F3TCH not only streamlines guest requests and orders, leading to improved guest satisfaction, but it also opens new avenues for the hotel industry to boost non-lodging revenue, currently estimated at $95 billion.  For instance, when guests order drinks, F3TCH enables you to send targeted advertisements (including images) promoting lunch specials or other enticing offers directly to their mobile devices in real-time. This dynamic marketing approach, reaching guests through a device they use and trust, has proven to significantly increase non-lodging revenue for hotels.


Our solution involves modernizing and digitizing the traditional hotel telephone, which has long been the dominant worldwide guest communications tool.  F3TCH provides hotels with a unified on-property guest communications solution that operates on a mobile platform. This empowers hotels to offer guests the convenience of using their own powerful and modern devices to seamlessly navigate and interact with the hotel's amenities and services. With F3TCH, you gain access to a comprehensive set of communication options, including voice calls, SMS messaging, and rich text featuring captivating images, all integrated into our platform.

Experience the future of guest communications with F3TCH and elevate your hotel's guest experience.

Breaking the MOLD

Disrupting the Hospitality Industry with Innovation



In the first step, carefully identify an industry that exhibits clear signs of being ripe for disruption. Thoroughly research the market landscape to identify gaps in the current offerings and understand the needs and desires of potential customers. This analysis will serve as a foundation for developing a disruptive solution. 

The hotel industry still uses the hotel guest room telephone
as the preferred and dominant solution worldwide.
This is an antiquated and ineffective tool.



With a deep understanding of the industry and its pain points, focus on developing an innovative solution that directly addresses the identified gaps. This solution should be unique, game-changing, and capable of delivering significant benefits to customers. Strive for a solution that challenges the status quo and offers a clear competitive advantage.

F3TCH allows hotels to use their existing infrastructure to provide and enhanced guest experience on the guest’s own smart device.  Our approach is so innovative we have been issued patents.



Assemble a diverse and competent team of experts who possess a deep understanding of the industry and the skills necessary to bring the innovative solution to life. Each team member should contribute their specialized knowledge and experience, fostering collaboration and ensuring a well-rounded approach to problem-solving.

F3TCH’s co-founders ran and operated the largest guest room telephone manufacturer in the world as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.  Our Advisors include the previous Chief Information Officer for Starwood Hotels & Resorts.



Validate the innovative idea by testing it with potential customers and seeking feedback from industry experts. This validation process allows for refinement of the solution and ensures that it aligns with market needs and expectations. Actively incorporate feedback to continuously iterate and improve the solution's features, functionality, and overall market fit.

F3TCH has multiple pilot sites being implemented this year.  Reception from our prospective dealers has also been excellent.



Initiate revenue generation by selling and installing pilot sites. These pilot sites serve as valuable testing grounds to fine-tune processes, generate initial revenue, and validate the product-market fit. Additionally, fundraising efforts should be prioritized at this stage to secure necessary resources and ensure sustained growth.

On schedule for Q4 2023.



Once the startup has demonstrated its viability and generated revenue, it's time to scale the business. This entails expanding the team strategically, investing in effective marketing and advertising strategies to increase brand visibility, and exploring new markets and growth opportunities. Establish scalable processes and systems to accommodate increased demand and efficiently meet customer needs.

F3TCH’s team has deep experience in scaling a company successfully.  Systems, SOPs, Processes, and software are in place or have been identified for implementation depending on our stage of development.



Seek investment from interested investors who recognize the potential of the innovative solution and its capacity for substantial growth and return on investment. Engage in compelling and well-prepared pitches to showcase the market opportunity, the disruptive nature of the solution, and the potential for significant market penetration and revenue generation.

Currently seeking a pre-seed round of $250,000.

By following these steps, you can break the mold and disrupt industries with your innovative solution, capturing market share and creating lasting impact.

Identifying Profitable Opportunities
for Business Growth


F3TCH, a B2B2C SaaS company, has significant potential for business growth by tapping into various revenue streams. Let's analyze the market size and potential opportunities for revenue generation:


1. Hotel Room Licensing:

According to Statista, there are approximately 17.5 million guest rooms worldwide. F3TCH offers its services at a competitive rate of $20 per room per year. With this pricing model, F3TCH has an addressable global market of approximately $350 million per year, providing a solid foundation for revenue generation.


2. Property Licensing:

Research indicates that F3TCH can address around 187,000 properties worldwide. By offering an onboarding/annual license fee of $250 per hotel property, F3TCH can generate an additional estimated revenue of $46.75 million per year. This revenue stream adds to the company's growth potential.


3. Advertising and Fee-based Marketing:

F3TCH's SaaS model does not currently calculate the impact of advertising and fee-based marketing on additional revenue. However, the company's aggressive SaaS pricing strategy is designed to quickly acquire market share. This lays the foundation for implementing revenue-generating strategies related to monetizing guest spending outside the hotel. F3TCH believes that this segment has the potential to be as significant as its SaaS business.


By capitalizing on these revenue streams and effectively monetizing guest spending outside hotels, F3TCH can unlock substantial growth opportunities. As the company continues to expand its market share and establish a strong presence in the industry, these strategies will further enhance revenue potential and contribute to long-term business growth.


F3TCH is well-positioned to leverage its innovative solutions and capture a significant share of the market, both through its SaaS offerings and additional revenue channels. By focusing on customer acquisition, maximizing market penetration, and exploring new monetization avenues, F3TCH can drive profitability and achieve sustained business growth.

Traction and Customer
Acquisition Progress

Asset 1.png

Inter - Operatibility

Dealer Agreements

Access to 700,000 Rooms

Pilot Sites


First Customer

Awaiting Installation

Our startup has achieved remarkable traction, actively pursuing dealer agreements to establish a strong presence in the market. Currently, we are focused on securing a foothold in our partner network, which consists of 500,000 installed rooms. By forging these dealer agreements, we aim to initiate warm introductions and cultivate robust relationships with potential customers.


To validate and refine our product, we have diligently worked on developing pilot sites. These sites are in the final stages of development and are scheduled for launch by the end of this quarter. This critical milestone allows us to gather real-world data and conduct comprehensive testing, ensuring that our product meets the highest standards of performance and functionality.


Our traction in customer acquisition, combined with the development of pilot sites and upcoming customer installations, demonstrates the momentum and dedication of our team. We are determined to continue pushing boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that address the needs and challenges of our target market.

Driving Revenue Growth through Onboarding Fees and Expansion


To fuel revenue growth, F3TCH employs a multi-faceted approach, with the onboarding fee and hotel expansion as key drivers. These strategies, combined with our distribution-focused go-to-market strategy, pave the way for substantial revenue opportunities.


The onboarding fee serves as a significant revenue contributor, representing the amount charged to new hotels joining our platform. As more hotels embrace F3TCH's innovative solution, the accumulation of onboarding fees fuels revenue growth directly. The effectiveness of this strategy lies in attracting a steady influx of new hotels and seamlessly integrating them into our ecosystem.


Moreover, as our network expands and more hotels join the platform, the number of available rooms also increases. This expanded inventory unlocks additional revenue streams. By catering to a larger customer base, F3TCH can capture a greater share of the market and drive revenue growth through higher transaction volumes.

Asset 2.png

Other Relevant Metrics

Furthermore, F3TCH has strategically pursued partnerships with Value Added Resellers (VARs) in our industry. These VARs, with their existing hotel portfolios, can promote and install F3TCH as an add-on product. By leveraging the reach and expertise of these resellers, we can tap into new markets and customer segments, driving revenue growth through their established networks.


Presently, we are engaged in discussions with companies representing over 500,000 installed rooms. This represents a remarkable Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) opportunity of $10 million for F3TCH, assuming a 100% conversion rate. This showcases the immense potential for revenue growth through partnerships and highlights our commitment to capitalizing on strategic opportunities.


Our team is made up of industry veterans that have deep and extensive guest room technology experience. Our co-founders successfully operated the largest guest room telephone company in the world. We served almost every major hotel brand in the world. 



Co-Founder & CFO

Co-Founder & CEO



Board of Directors

(previous CIO of Starwood Hotels & Resorts)



Board of Directors

Investment Opportunity: Fueling Growth and Expansion

F3TCH is currently seeking a pre-seed investment of $250,000 to propel its growth and expansion plans. The infusion of funds will play a vital role in enhancing the scalability of our product, facilitating pilot programs, and initiating the crucial sales and marketing phase.


As an early-stage startup, we acknowledge that there are inherent risks involved. However, the potential returns are equally promising and commensurate with the level of success achieved. F3TCH boasts a proven founder and management team, who possess the expertise and vision necessary to drive the company's growth trajectory.


Investors who seize this opportunity will not only provide essential capital but also have the potential to participate in the future success of the startup. This includes the possibility of engaging in follow-on investment rounds as F3TCH continues to scale and expand its market presence. Furthermore, there exists the potential for a future acquisition, offering investors an avenue to realize significant returns on their investment.


It's important to note that F3TCH is not a lifestyle company. We are driven by ambitious goals and a clear growth trajectory, positioning ourselves as a scalable business with the potential for substantial market impact.


By investing in F3TCH, investors join us on an exciting journey towards revolutionizing the industry, capitalizing on disruptive technology, and driving the future of guest communications in the hospitality sector. Together, we can unlock remarkable opportunities and generate substantial returns on investment.

Terms & Conditions

- Maturity: Two (2) years
- Discount: 20% discount
- Interest Rate: 8% interest rate
- Conversion on an equity investment of at least $500,000

- CAP: $3 mm

Unlock High-Potential Returns in the Travel & Accommodation Industry

Are you seeking a compelling investment opportunity in one of the world's largest industries, Travel & Accommodation? Look no further than our startup, where we present a compelling case for investment. With a proven track record of success, a highly skilled and experienced team, and an innovative and disruptive solution poised for strong market potential, we offer a promising avenue for generating robust returns on your investment.

Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our ability to deliver results and create value. We have consistently demonstrated our commitment to excellence and achieved significant milestones along the way. Now, we invite you to join us on our journey to revolutionize the Travel & Accommodation industry.

Backed by a team of industry experts and visionary leaders, we possess the knowledge, expertise, and tenacity to navigate the dynamic landscape of the travel industry. Our solution offers a disruptive approach that addresses key pain points and unlocks new opportunities for both businesses and consumers.

We understand the importance of due diligence, and we are ready to provide you with comprehensive information and address any questions or concerns you may have. We are also eager to schedule a meeting to delve deeper into the investment opportunity, allowing us to explore synergies and outline a roadmap for mutual success.

By investing in our startup, you align yourself with a high-potential venture that operates within a vast and thriving industry. Together, we can seize the untapped potential, disrupt the status quo, and unlock remarkable returns in the ever-evolving world of travel and accommodation.

Take the next step toward capitalizing on this exceptional investment opportunity. Contact us today to learn more and embark on a journey toward mutual success.

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